Three centuries of American history seen through one man's eyes... 

Tha American Vampire Saga by Diana Lee Morgan 


When Jonathan Loveworthy becomes a vampire, he has no idea of the great adventure ahead of him. He discovers his strengths, weaknesses, loves and hates as he lives through three centuries of American history, personally seeing this nation grow and become great.


Written as a trilogy, each part covering a century, The American Vampire Saga is the story, narrated with humor as well as drama, by Jonathan Loveworthy of his life from when his mother was hanged as a witch in Puritan Massachusetts in 1695, through three hundred years to the twenty-first century. Here is told the story of America by someone who actually lived it: someone who was among the early settlers, then in the midst of Philadelphia while it was still the nation's capital, who fought at the siege of Yorktown, was there to experience the excitement as the delegates arrived to formulate the Constitution, who saw the nation grow powerful and wealthy, who saw the devastation of the Civil War and the tragedy that was Gettysburg. Then, in the Twentieth Century, he experienced the confusion of a changing world with a new society built through human endeavor, technology, and war. And finally, in the Twenty-First Century, he saw the security of the nation tested in the events of September 11, 2001, and how people he cared about were devastated by the terrible hurricane that flooded New Orleans.


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Book 1

Part One:

The Valiant Immortal

Book 2

Part Two:

The Madness of Heroes

Book 3

Part Three:

Riders on the Whirlwind


All three novels are completely written and ready for submission.

Diana Lee Morgan has had articles and stories published in such magazines as Fate, Astrology--Your Daily Horoscope, Dell Horoscope, New Age Digest, Dark Ages, Night World, New Open Word, Earthtides.




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